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Not So Simple Gifts – Three of Wands

Three of Wands This is Day Two of asking the tarot what gift my recent troubles and experiences have given me. I’m trying to connect with what I’ve learned over recent years and what I’ve gained from having gone through tough times.

Today’s card is The Three Of Wands in which we see a man having reached the top of a sea cliff gazing out to sea watching the ships he’s set sail as the set off out into the wider world. He supports himself with one hand firmly on a sturdy wand and is surrounded by two other wands. To me, he looks tired as if getting to the top of the cliff has winded him slightly. To me this is the card of embarking on a new beginning, taking that first step to put the feelers out and see what rewards come back to you. It’s not a card of infinite possibility – the ships do not have an infinite body of water to sail off to. There are mountains clearly visible just across the water, but they don’t look too menacing or insurmountable.

For me this cards reflects the opportunities I’ve had to expand my horizons that I would not have had if nothing had changed for me. I’ve gone through relationship breakdown, financial disaster, becoming a single mother. Have weathered emotional and physical abuse from my ex and have come out of it a very different person. Sometimes it’s very difficult sitting in the uncertainty of this new life. But so many things have opened up for me that could not have happened if I’d stayed in that relationship. Life there would have had to be very…normal. Very traditional. Houses. Mortgages. Office job. ┬áLife now follows my path.

This card also offers me hope. At the moment I’m not feeling very motivated or active. I feel the complete opposite. This card tells me that it’s ok to go slowly, to rest when I need to. Not to just plunge into things full steam ahead. I can’t sustain that type of energy and I need to honour it. It also shows me that I have support around me, advises me to keep my support systems close and perhaps join forces with my network of friends to build something going forward.

It also reminds me that it’s ok to stop and take pause but not to lose sight of possibilities. It’s a gentle nudge to start looking toward the future.

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