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Daily Tarot Card Sketch – Five Of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

This week a friend and I have set ourself an artistic challenge. Each day we’ll draw a card and produce a quick sketch capturing our personal meaning for the card. The aim is to produce something that is fast, expressive, unfinished and straight from our unconscious, creative, flow. I’m using an app on the iPad called Paper which is a quick way to get down some rough ideas.

Today’s card was the Five of Pentacles

Someone is climbing a ladder to nowhere, struggling with it pointlessly. The arms of the ladder are actually wands. There’s a child in the snow below who has cast off her crutches and is pointing to the sunrise above, but the climber is unable to see it and keeps climbing.
Also there’s a snowman! I’m not sure where he came from but there he is guiding them both to the sunshine even though the rising sun means the snowman will probably melt. I wanted to give the snowman tree of life arms, but didn’t quite capture it.
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