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Daily Sketch – Six Of Cups – Resources

Six of Cups

Six of Cups – Happy Memories

Six of Cups As Resources

This is the card of happy childhood memories, recollection of more peaceful times. Nostalgia. Positive formative experiences. I’ve chosen to show a child blowing out her birthday candles because this is a rite of passage that is looked back on both by children and parents. We reflect both on our own birthdays as well as those of our children. As parents we are the ones responsible for creating the happy memories for our children.

I also see this card in the context of the two cards surrounding it. The Five of Cups (in the Rider-Waite) shows a hooded figure lamenting the loss of three of his cups. I think this card represents depression, despair, lack of perspective – being stuck in a dark irrational emotional place. The Six of Cups represents the thing that will bring us out of our despair –  our emotional resources. Connecting to a resource is an important technique used by councillors and therapists to lesson the pain of traumatic experiences. They bring us back into the here and now and make the tough times easier and less painful. If we can recall some time or place when we felt happy and safe and loved then we can build our resources to tackle the really tough dark times. Of course we don’t all have memories of happy childhoods. For some, a resource might simply be connecting to a time when they did not feel pain.

This card is saying take a break from the emotional pain, even just for a moment. Think back to a happier time. Know that you are capable of feeling OK again. Let this knowledge nourish you and give you the strength to make the choices you now have to make.

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