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Trying Out The Wildwood Tarot Deck

Wildwood Tarot Cards

Mind, Body, Soul Spread With The Wildwood Tarot

First Steps Into The Wildwood

The following is a practice reading I did for one of this month’s questions over at TABI. Since this was just a practice question (i.e. not a real person) I feel like it’s appropriate to share it here. I’ve only had my Wildwood deck for a couple of weeks so am still getting to grips with it but it seemed to really resonate with the following question.

Question: I spend all my time looking after my young family and don’t have any time for myself. I am very unhappy. Please help!

A chill ran up the back of my neck when I saw these cards. All three cards are fire elements and two of them are majors. This feels like a very strong reading.

With so much fire it’s no wonder that you are unhappy with life at home. I wonder what your life was like before and imagine that you are a very passionate and driven woman. The day to day drudgery of mothering young children brings with it a  loss of freedom to follow your passions (wether that’s work related or hobbies or creative pursuits) And I’m sure you feel that more strongly than most. Perhaps the sense of loss has even begun to  manifest itself as frustration and anger?


1. Mind – The Sun of Life

 A man stands amongst a meadow of wild flowers with a giant sun blazing behind him. Light shines out from his heart as he channels the creative power of the sun. A hill in the background has a chalk drawing of a horse.

This card tells me that you must have a very active mind and I wonder if you are a writer, musician or other type of creative. There is a very strong creative drive being shown in these cards. This is such a strong card that I think you should be careful not to make rash decisions. I also wonder what your sense of power is in your relationship? Do you feel in control of your life?

2. Body – Five of Bows – Empowerment

 Four bows lie in the grass on top of a hill in the background can be seen another hillside chalk drawing of a giant man . He is holding a large club in one hand, a bow in the other, and has an erection.

I feel like this card is showing the need to ground all of that firey energy  in something hard and physical. If it’s a new skill or something you’ve never tried before all the better. Learning new skills will empower you to move forward in meeting other goals. Maybe try hiking, hill walking, climbing trail, running or even kick boxing to really work up a sweat. Although I see you outdoors rather than indoors. The cards are indicating that you have a lot of untapped potential and this card is telling me that in order to channel  all that primal energy you need to be more grounded and assertive.

3. Soul – The Green Woman 

 The Green Woman is the female counterpart to the Green Man, Lord and Lady of the forest and here she stands in front of a cauldron heated from below by flames. Her head is crowned in green leaves and branches.

This card is really showing your soul’s journey and here we see you at peace and empowered with your role as a mother. This card however isn’t showing the role of mothering as one filled with drudgery or sacrifice. This is a beautiful, powerful, fierce and nurturing goddess of the forest. I think she has shown up in order to remind you not to let your sense of self-worth falter. Connecting with this primal mother energy, learning to nurture yourself, could help you find peace with the position you find yourself in now? Do you want more children? There’s a strong drive towards fertility being shown in all of these cards. If another child is not what you’re wanting then be careful with your contraception.


You are someone with incredible passion and drive, someone who can really make a difference in the world. But at the moment you have so much pent up ability and energy that home life is feeling like a prison. It’s very important to find that nurturing mother energy and direct it towards yourself. Take some time, no matter how small, to honour and look after your own needs. If you are unable to make big changes in your daily routine while the kids are young then I think the way to start is through looking after yourself physically, learning a new skill, directing your energy into a new hobby. This will help you build a solid base of confidence from which to make other bigger changes in the future.

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