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Which Tarot Card Are You?

Page of Swords

This is me

A while back I did some work around the court cards. I noticed a connection to a certain card. Namely, every time the King of Pentacles turned up I was reminded of my ex and this would bring up a big ole cesspit of negative feelings. It also meant that when reading for another person it was very hard for me to be neutral when the King of Pentacles turned up. Eventually I found an exercise that helped clear up all that shadow energy around the King of Pentacles for me. (More on that in a future blog post)

What has remained true for me though is that when the court cards turn up they usually indicate a particulate person in my life at that given moment. Over the last year The Page of Swords keeps coming up as a clear representation of myself.

The Page of Swords and Me

I’ve always seen this card as female. Perhaps it’s my deck (Rider Waite) that depicts the page in a more feminine manner. However other systems use princesses instead of pages and to me this gives the court cards a very balanced male and female energy.

Other descriptions of this card describe the turbulent wind and rugged terrain indicating inner struggles. For me this card doesn’t hold a tumultuous energy though. When I look at the Page of Swords I see a bright day, with vibrant blue sky and beautiful white clouds racing over the landscape. I am standing on a high hill in a very strong wind but I don’t feel afraid of the wind, I face it and am invigorated by it. Maybe I’ve just hiked up a huge mountain and in this moment the roaring wind is a connection to the power of nature.

I am holding the sword, which I see as ideas, information, knowledge and mental faculties. However, I am not grasping on too tightly. I am not rigid in attaching myself to a set way of thinking. I appreciate the opinions of others and am ready to learn more.

I often think of myself as a life-long student since I’ve changed careers more than once in my adult life and have eclectic tastes in my hobbies and interests. It’s this inquisitive and active mind that I see in the Page of Swords. And joy, I always feel a sense of joy in the card – in that moment when you’ve reached a goal (the top of the hill) and you just want to share it with others and revel in it.

The Page of Swords, however, isn’t as mature as the Queen of Swords. She is standing (on one leg even) not sitting solidly, like the Queen, on a throne. The Page of Swords can benefit from grounding influences and better organisational skills. She is a dreamer but can learn to make her dreams a reality by listening and learning from the wisdom of others, perhaps a gifted teacher or inspirational mentor.

She is also the inspiration for the name of this blog. Pages are often students. They are perhaps new to the subject but full of passion for the energy surrounding their particular suit.

How about you? Is there a particular card that you see yourself in? Or does it change depending on circumstance? Let me know in the comments below.


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