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Daily Tarot Reading – 12 Nov 2013

I try to do a daily tarot card reading first thing in the morning. Sometimes I only pull one card and try to tune into the energy of that card and then notice how that manifests itself throughout the day. Other mornings I do a quick three card spread. Often I don’t have time to formulate a clear question. Yesterday my reading brought up some issues close to home.

death, two of swords, 10 of pentacles

Daily Tarot Card Reading 12-11-13

Question: What things do I need to take into consideration regarding my current situation?


Card 1 –  What will help you?

Yep, I pulled Death. Who doesn’t feel a little shiver when death turns up? No matter how much I learn to associate this card with transformation and change there’s always a split second of ‘Oh My God, I’m gonna diiiiieeeee!’ (Just a split second.) On the other hand, this is a powerful card which indicates to me that underlying everything there is the every and potential for massive transformation. I need to face this change, like the little girl on the card meeting death with a bouquet of flowers, in order to move forward.

Card 2 – What will hinder you?

I pulled the Two of Swords – Reversed. All the things that I am holding and balancing are too much for me. I am feeling overwhelmed and am handling this by ignoring things, not facing them. This is preventing me from moving forward and contributing to my feeling of being stuck.

Card 3 – Unrealised Potential

10 of Pentacles – Reversed

This is also a powerful card for me and one that turns up a lot. I always identify more with the old man than the other figures on the card. He seems to me to be someone who’s led a life off the beaten track, has had amazing adventures, rich experiences but has set himself  apart from the traditional life of family, home etc. I associate pentacles with finances, security, earthly comforts. This card in this position and reversed kind of threw me. I wanted to understand what my specific unrealised potentials are in order to go ahead and make the transformation. I’ve been on the brink of change for so long and am frustrated that I have moved forward more quickly. With consideration I think this card is asking me to work on the things I can change rather than focussing on everything and also to appreciate the gifts that my experiences have given me.

I think I need to do some work on identifying what those gifts are. It’s so easy to lose sight of them. Time to take off the blindfold!

What do you think? Would you have interpreted those cards differently?

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