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Daily Sketch – Eight of Pentacles

For this sketch I spent some time meditating on the energy behind this card. In the Rider Waite deck it shows a man hard at work, bent over a large pentacle that he is engraving. Seven other pentacles that he has already completed hang around him. You also see in the background the walls of a distant town. Normally I associate this card with hard work, diligence, skill and the rewards that come from it.

However there’s another side to it that I wanted to show in my sketch. This card has reminded me from time to time of an artist friend who goes through long periods of withdrawal from society in order to dedicate herself to her work. She can spend days in her studio, barely seeing anyone else, working away well into the early hours. She becomes single mindedly focused on her project, neglects her friends and family all for the sake of whatever project she is working on.

In my sketch I wanted to show this side of it. The work has become bigger than the craftsman, who is alone, all he can see is the work before him and his own face reflected in it.


Daily Sketch – Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

In The Garden Of Earthly Delights

A woman is shown within a flowering, verdant, garden. All of her material needs are met, she wants for nothing. But her eyes are closed and there’s no way out of her garden. Has material success come at the cost of freedom?

Daily Tarot Sketch – Three of Pentacles

Three of Cups


The first word that came to mind for today’s sketch was creativity. I found myself drawn to particular colours which I then realised corresponded with chakras and really got carried away with the repetitive swirling pattern outlining the body. This is a creativity that requires and results in a state of wholeness in mind, body and soul. This particular drawing indicates that today I was more concerned with the realm of physical, emotional and spiritual health than earthly comforts (also associated with the pentacles)

Daily Tarot Card Sketch – Five Of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

This week a friend and I have set ourself an artistic challenge. Each day we’ll draw a card and produce a quick sketch capturing our personal meaning for the card. The aim is to produce something that is fast, expressive, unfinished and straight from our unconscious, creative, flow. I’m using an app on the iPad called Paper which is a quick way to get down some rough ideas.

Today’s card was the Five of Pentacles

Someone is climbing a ladder to nowhere, struggling with it pointlessly. The arms of the ladder are actually wands. There’s a child in the snow below who has cast off her crutches and is pointing to the sunrise above, but the climber is unable to see it and keeps climbing.
Also there’s a snowman! I’m not sure where he came from but there he is guiding them both to the sunshine even though the rising sun means the snowman will probably melt. I wanted to give the snowman tree of life arms, but didn’t quite capture it.
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