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There comes a time in every journey when it’s time to move on. Leave your baggage behind and move on. Sometimes, in relationships, this can feel feel like selfishness. But you have to look after yourself before you can truly care for another person. This card is about knowing when that end is nigh and being strong enough to chose the path that’s right for you.

I think this card is also about spiritual journeys and I was reminded of a spot I hiked to last summer on the long distance walk I did. The highest point of the week long trek was also the mid point and I could both see where I’d come from and where I was heading. To one side, hills and to the other, sea. I am itching for another long walk to blow the cobwebs out and connect with myself again. I take this card as affirmation that a long walk is something I need to do.



Ten of Wands Again? Is the universe trying to tell me something? Today this card seems like a reminder to me not to overextend myself. I’ve made progress with my new business idea by sending out a few feelers to potential clients and have lined up a few meetings. So the response has been initially positive.. It feels like this card is saying, don’t bite off more than you can chew, don’t over burden yourself, slow and steady wins the race. Because last year my hellbent for leather pace resulted in health issues I’m reminded that the human body is like a donkey. You can load it with lots of things to carry, and it will carry a lot! But if you keep adding to the load, not eating right, not getting enough sleep, working too many hours etc then eventually the donkey will collapse. Many times, all you have to do is take any one bit of the load off and the donkey can get up and carry on with its journey. The body has a chance to heal and recover.

So let this little donkey be a reminder to myself not to overextend myself. Take time to look around and enjoy the journey. Make time for rest. Lighten up.


This card is usually associated with teamwork, planning and competence. However, the first image that popped in my head today was of my situation at home. I’m fostering a new dog with the option to adopt her if it works out. So far it’s been amazing. She’s very shy and calm and has somehow really grounded the energy in my home. My dog, who on a good day is a loveable rogue and on a bad day is a total demon, has just absorbed her calm, grounded energy and is actually behaving for the first time in his two years of life. So the three of Pentacles for me today was about home life, building a new life together and I guess there is a degree of competency there. I feel like I’ve stepped up to the responsibility of being the pack leader of two dogs and am keeping order on the canine front pretty well.


The Eight of Pentacles again. The first time it came it I was really struggling with not knowing what I should do next work-wise. I was really drawing a blank and feeling unmotivated and scared and worried about money, the future etc. I’ve come back from Christmas with an idea of something I can do, and a way of doing it that won’t push me too far. My priorities are with my child and getting her through each day as peacefully as possible. We have good days and bad days. I find it impossible to focus on work without feeling overwhelmed and constantly stressed.

This card is like an affirmation, saying to me that my idea is a good one. Now is the time to sit down and methodically work out the details. I’m glad a pentacle has come up rather than a wand. I need to go slow and steady in a very grounded way. My tendency is to throw myself into projects with lots of ambition and drive and then to burn out a few weeks or months down the line. Last year this ended up being very bad for my health. This year seems to be more about planning and going at a steady and sustainable pace.


On learntarot.com the keywords for this card are knowledge, diligence and detail. The actions tie in with my feelings: going at a steady pace, working out the details, checking and rechecking, getting down to the nitty gritty.

Passion and drive can only take you so far. Careful, methodical planning is needed to sustain progress.


The Star

This is the second time The Star has come up for me recently. Today as I tuned into the energy of The Star the words ‘filling the well’ came to mind. That’s a new one for me and ties in when one of the interpretations of the card being renewed motivation. I could use some renewed motivation right now. However, there’s a danger for me. My motivation tends to be very bi-polar. I pour all my resources, time, money, energy into projects and then burn out after a few months. That’s what happened for me last year and I still haven’t recovered my energy. ‘Filling the well’ reminds me that it’s important to renew energy, nourish the soul, recharge the creative batteries along the way in order to maintain a steadier pace.


In this card a journey is being completed. It’s a signal that I have gone out into the world, learned some lessons, overcome some obstacles, and obtained some skills, abilities and valuable assets that I am now bundling up and taking back home to the village to help the others. The sun is setting on one journey and I am tired and resting. I sit down and take a moment to reflect on my emotional journey and I discover that I have great affection and attachment to all that I’ve learned. But the fire is still burning and my heart is glowing with the possibility of what will come next.


My name sake. The Page of Swords stands peacefully, eyes closed, enjoying the cool breeze blowing through my hair. So many thoughts and new fonts of knowledge. I feel peaceful even though my mind is active, intrigued, and engaged. There is also the excitement of learning something new. This is what feeds me. However, when you’re always a newbie you run the risk of being both over zealous in your convictions and a bit insecure. I carry a sword but I’m not holding on too tightly. It feels more like an accessory that I’m trying on for size.

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